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Provato - SMS MMS Gateway
Mobile Messaging in J2EE & .NET

SwiftNote - Java SMS Toolkit

Constant Field Values

public static final int PAUSE -500
public static final int PITCH_MAX 11
public static final int PITCH_MIN 0
public static final int REST -500
public static final int SCALE_MAX 9
public static final int SCALE_MIN 1
public static final int SPECIFIER_DOTTED 1
public static final int SPECIFIER_DOUBLE_DOTTED 2
public static final int SPECIFIER_NONE 0
public static final int SPECIFIER_TWO_THIRDS 3
public static final int STYLE_CONTINUOUS 1
public static final int STYLE_NORMAL 0
public static final int STYLE_STACCATO 2
public static final int UNKNOWN -1000

public static final int CONNECTED 1
public static final int NOT_CONNECTED 0
public static final int NOT_USED -1
public static final int RECONNECTING 2

public static final java.lang.String LISTENER_ATTR "ie.ncl.msg.connectionManagerListener"

public static final int InternalMessageQueuesFullError 1
public static final int InternalSDKError -1

public static final int STATE_DELIVERED 2
public static final int STATE_ENROUTE 1
public static final int STATE_ERROR 3

public static final java.lang.String TOA "sms.TypeOfAddress"

public static final java.lang.String CC ""
public static final java.lang.String DCS "sms.DataCodingScheme"
public static final java.lang.String EOT_GSM_ESCAPE_CHARACTER "sms.EndOfTextGsmEscapeCharacter"
public static final java.lang.String PID "sms.ProtocolId"
public static final java.lang.String PRIORITY "sms.Priority"
public static final java.lang.String RECEIPT "sms.Receipt"
public static final java.lang.String RECEIPT_BYTES "sms.ReceiptBytes"
public static final java.lang.String RECEIPT_STATUS "sms.ReceiptStatus"
public static final java.lang.String RECEIPT_TEXT "sms.ReceiptText"
public static final java.lang.String REGISTERED "sms.RegisteredDelivery"
public static final java.lang.String REPLACE "sms.ReplaceIfPresent"
public static final java.lang.String REPLY_PATH "sms.ReplyPath"
public static final java.lang.String SCA "sms.ServiceCentreAddress"
public static final java.lang.String SCHEDULE "sms.schedule"
public static final java.lang.String SUBMIT_ERROR "sms.SubmitError"
public static final java.lang.String TIMESTAMP "sms.TimeStamp"
public static final java.lang.String UDH "sms.UserDataHeader"
public static final java.lang.String UDHI "sms.UserDataHeaderIndicator"
public static final java.lang.String VALIDITY "sms.ValidityPeriod"

public static final java.lang.String SOURCE_ADDRESS_PARAMETER "cimd.sourceAddressParameter"

public static final int ALPHABET_BINARY 4
public static final int ALPHABET_DEFAULT 0
public static final int ALPHABET_MASK 12
public static final int ALPHABET_UCS2 8
public static final int CB_ISO_639 0
public static final int CB_ISO_639_7BIT 1
public static final int CLASS_0 0
public static final int CLASS_1 1
public static final int CLASS_2 2
public static final int CLASS_3 3
public static final int CLASS_MASK 3
public static final int CLASS_ME_SPECIFIC 1
public static final int CLASS_SIM_SPECIFIC 2
public static final int CLASS_TE_SPECIFIC 3
public static final int COMPRESSION_BIT 32
public static final int GROUP_CB_EURO_LANGUAGES 32
public static final int GROUP_CB_GENERAL_CODING_INDICATION 64
public static final int GROUP_CB_ISO_639 16
public static final int GROUP_CB_LANGUAGES 0
public static final int GROUP_DATA_CODING_MESSAGE_CLASS 496
public static final int GROUP_DEFAULT 0
public static final int GROUP_MASK 496
public static final int INDICATION_ACTIVE 0
public static final int INDICATION_INACTIVE 8
public static final int INDICATION_SENSE_BIT 48
public static final int INDICATION_TYPE_EMAIL 2
public static final int INDICATION_TYPE_FAX 1
public static final int INDICATION_TYPE_OTHER 3
public static final int INDICATION_TYPE_VOICE_MAIL 0
public static final int ISO_8859_1 3
public static final int ISO_8859_5_CRYLLIC 6
public static final int ISO_8859_8_HEBREW 7
public static final int LANGUAGE_CZECH 32
public static final int LANGUAGE_DANISH 7
public static final int LANGUAGE_DUTCH 5
public static final int LANGUAGE_ENGLISH 1
public static final int LANGUAGE_FINNISH 9
public static final int LANGUAGE_FRENCH 3
public static final int LANGUAGE_GERMAN 0
public static final int LANGUAGE_GREEK 11
public static final int LANGUAGE_HUNGARIAN 13
public static final int LANGUAGE_ISO_639 16
public static final int LANGUAGE_ISO_639_7BIT 17
public static final int LANGUAGE_ITALIAN 2
public static final int LANGUAGE_NORWEGIAN 10
public static final int LANGUAGE_POLISH 15
public static final int LANGUAGE_PORTUGUESE 8
public static final int LANGUAGE_SPANISH 4
public static final int LANGUAGE_SWEDISH 6
public static final int LANGUAGE_TURKISH 12
public static final int LANGUAGE_UNKNOWN 16
public static final int MESSAGE_CLASS_BIT 16

public static final char adi 228
public static final char ADI 196
public static final char ae 230
public static final char AE 198
public static final char agr 224
public static final char ang 229
public static final char ANG 197
public static final char CED 199
public static final char CR 13
public static final char CUR 164
public static final char DEL 916
public static final char eac 233
public static final char EAC 201
public static final char egr 232
public static final char emp 248
public static final char EMP 216
public static final char ESC 27
public static final char ESZ 223
public static final char EUR 8364
public static final char EURO 8364
public static final char GAM 915
public static final char IEM 161
public static final char igr 236
public static final char IQM 191
public static final char LAM 923
public static final char LF 10
public static final char nti 241
public static final char NTI 209
public static final char odi 246
public static final char ODI 214
public static final char ogr 242
public static final char OME 937
public static final char PBK 12
public static final char PHI 934
public static final char PI 928
public static final char PSI 936
public static final char QUO 39
public static final char SEC 167
public static final char SIG 931
public static final char THE 920
public static final char udi 252
public static final char UDI 220
public static final char ugr 249
public static final char XI 926
public static final char YEN 165

public static final boolean ACTIVE true
public static final int DISCARD 192
public static final int EMAIL 2
public static final int FAX 1
public static final boolean INACTIVE false
public static final int OTHER 3
public static final int STORE 208
public static final int STORE_UCS2 224
public static final int VOICE_MAIL 0

public static final int BINARY 4
public static final int DEFAULT 0
public static final int ME 1
public static final int SIM 2
public static final int TE 3
public static final int UCS2 8

public static final char FLASH 1

public static final int SMS_COMMAND 16
public static final int SMS_DELIVER 0
public static final int SMS_DELIVER_REPORT 0
public static final int SMS_STATUS_REPORT 16
public static final int SMS_SUBMIT 1
public static final int SMS_SUBMIT_REPORT 1
public static final int TP_MR_BYTE 1
public static final int TP_MR_SIZE 1
public static final int TP_MTI_BYTE 0
public static final int TP_MTI_MASK 3
public static final int TP_MTI_SHIFT 0
public static final int TP_RD_BITMASK 4
public static final int TP_RD_BYTE 0
public static final int TP_RP_BITMASK 128
public static final int TP_RP_BYTE 0
public static final int TP_SRI_BITMASK 32
public static final int TP_SRI_BYTE 0
public static final int TP_SRR_BITMASK 32
public static final int TP_SRR_BYTE 0
public static final int TP_UDHI_BITMASK 64
public static final int TP_UDHI_BYTE 0
public static final int TP_VP_ABSOLUTE 3
public static final int TP_VP_ENHANCED 1
public static final int TP_VP_NONE 0
public static final int TP_VP_RELATIVE 2

public static final int IEI_COMMAND_PACKET 112
public static final int IEI_LONG_PORT_ADDRESS 5
public static final int IEI_MESSAGE_CONCATENATION 0
public static final int IEI_MESSAGE_CONCATENATION_16BIT 8
public static final int IEI_RESERVED 2
public static final int IEI_RESERVED_LINEFEED 3
public static final int IEI_SHORT_PORT_ADDRESS 4
public static final int IEI_SMSC_CONTROL_PARAMETERS 6
public static final int IEI_SPECIAL_MESSAGE_INDICATION 1
public static final int IEI_UDH_SOURCE_INDICATOR 7

public static final int ERMES 37
public static final int GROUP3_TELEFAX 34
public static final int GROUP4_TELEFAX 35
public static final int IMPLICIT 32
public static final int INTERNET_ELECTRONIC_MAIL 50
public static final int ME_DEPERSONALISATION 126
public static final int MESSAGE_HANDLING_FACILITY 48
public static final int NATIONAL_PAGING_SYSTEM 38
public static final int REPLACE_SHORT_MESSAGE_TYPE1 65
public static final int REPLACE_SHORT_MESSAGE_TYPE2 66
public static final int REPLACE_SHORT_MESSAGE_TYPE3 67
public static final int REPLACE_SHORT_MESSAGE_TYPE4 68
public static final int REPLACE_SHORT_MESSAGE_TYPE5 69
public static final int REPLACE_SHORT_MESSAGE_TYPE6 70
public static final int REPLACE_SHORT_MESSAGE_TYPE7 71
public static final int RETURN_CALL_MESSAGE 95
public static final int SC_SPECIFIC_1 56
public static final int SC_SPECIFIC_2 57
public static final int SC_SPECIFIC_3 58
public static final int SC_SPECIFIC_4 59
public static final int SC_SPECIFIC_5 60
public static final int SC_SPECIFIC_6 61
public static final int SC_SPECIFIC_7 62
public static final int SHORT_MESSAGE_TYPE0 64
public static final int SIM_DATA_DOWNLOAD 64
public static final int TELETEX 40
public static final int TELETEX_IN_CSPDN 42
public static final int TELETEX_IN_ISDN 44
public static final int TELETEX_IN_PSPDN 41
public static final int TELETEX_IN_PSTN 43
public static final int TELEX 33
public static final int UNIVERSAL_COMPUTER_INTERFACE 45
public static final int VIDEOTEX 39
public static final int VOICE_TELEPHONE 36
public static final int X400_MESSAGE_HANDING_SYSTEM 49

public static final int CANCELLED 5
public static final int DELETED 6
public static final int DELIVERED 1
public static final int ENROUTE 2
public static final int EXPIRED 3
public static final int FAILED 4
public static final int OTHER 7

public static final int INTERNATIONAL 17
public static final int NATIONAL 33
public static final int NPI_DATA 3
public static final int NPI_E164 1
public static final int NPI_ERMES 10
public static final int NPI_ISDN 1
public static final int NPI_NATIONAL 8
public static final int NPI_PRIVATE 9
public static final int NPI_TELEX 4
public static final int NPI_UNKNOWN 0
public static final int NPI_X121 3
public static final int TON_ABBREVIATED 6
public static final int TON_ALPHANUMERIC 5
public static final int TON_INTERNATIONAL 1
public static final int TON_NATIONAL 2
public static final int TON_NETWORK_SPECIFIC 3
public static final int TON_RESERVED 7
public static final int TON_SUBSCRIBER 4
public static final int TON_UNKNOWN 0
public static final int UNKNOWN 0

public static final short DAYS 2
public static final short HOURS 3
public static final short MINUTES 4
public static final short SECONDS 5
public static final short WEEKS 1

public static final int DEFAULT_EXPIRY 600000

public static final java.lang.String PDP_TYPE_IP "IP"

public static final int INIT_TIMER 15000
public static final int SEND_RESPONSE_TIMEOUT 60000
public static final int SIGNAL_STRENGTH_MAX 31
public static final int SIGNAL_STRENGTH_MIN 0
public static final int SIGNAL_STRENGTH_UNKNOWN -1

public static final int CME_BAD_CELL 4353
public static final int CME_DIAL_STRING_TOO_LONG 4122
public static final int CME_ERROR_BIT 4096
public static final int CME_INCORRECT_PASSWORD 4112
public static final int CME_LOST_CELL 4354
public static final int CME_NO_NETWORK_SERVICE 4126
public static final int CME_NOT_FOUND 4118
public static final int CME_OPERATION_NOT_ALLOWED 4099
public static final int CME_OPERATION_NOT_SUPPORTED 4100
public static final int CME_PHONE_FAILURE 4096
public static final int CME_PROTOCOL_STACK_BAD_STATE 4352
public static final int CME_SIM_BUSY 4110
public static final int CME_SIM_FAILURE 4109
public static final int CME_SIM_NOT_INSERTED 4106
public static final int CME_SIM_PIN_REQUIRED 4107
public static final int CME_SIM_PUK_REQUIRED 4108
public static final int CME_TEXT_STRING_TOO_LONG 4120
public static final int CMS_CALL_BARRED 8202
public static final int CMS_DESTINATION_OUT_OF_SERVICE 8219
public static final int CMS_DEVICE_NOT_READY 8704
public static final int CMS_ERROR_304 8496
public static final int CMS_ERROR_BIT 8192
public static final int CMS_FACILITY_REJECTED 8221
public static final int CMS_INTERWORKING_UNSPECIFIED 8319
public static final int CMS_INVALID_INFO_ELEMENT 8291
public static final int CMS_INVALID_MANDETORY_INFORMATION 8288
public static final int CMS_INVALID_MEMORY_INDEX 8513
public static final int CMS_INVALID_MESSAGE 8287
public static final int CMS_INVALID_SM_TRANSFER_REFERENCE_VALUE 8273
public static final int CMS_INVALID_TEXT_MODE_PARAM 8497
public static final int CMS_MESSAGE_INCOMPATIBLE_WITH_STATE 8290
public static final int CMS_MESSAGE_TYPE_NOT_IMPLEMENTED 8289
public static final int CMS_NETWORK_CONGESTION 8234
public static final int CMS_NETWORK_OUT_OF_ORDER 8230
public static final int CMS_OPERATION_NOT_ALLOWED 8494
public static final int CMS_OPERATION_NOT_SUPPORTED 8495
public static final int CMS_OPERATOR_DETERMINED_BARRING 8200
public static final int CMS_PROTOCOL_ERROR 8303
public static final int CMS_REQUEST_FACILITY_NOT_IMPLEMENTED 8261
public static final int CMS_REQUESTED_FACILITY_NOT_SUBSCRIBED 8242
public static final int CMS_RESOURCES_UNAVAILABLE 8239
public static final int CMS_SC_ADDRESS_UNKNOWN 8522
public static final int CMS_SIM_BUSY 8506
public static final int CMS_SIM_FAILURE 8505
public static final int CMS_SIM_MEMORY_FULL 8514
public static final int CMS_SM_TRANSFER_REJECTED 8213
public static final int CMS_SMS_SERVICE_RESERVED 8493
public static final int CMS_TEMPORARY_FAILURE 8233
public static final int CMS_UNALLOCATED_NUMBER 8193
public static final int CMS_UNIDENTIFIED_SUBSCRIBER 8220
public static final int CMS_UNKNOWN_ERROR 8692
public static final int CMS_UNKNOWN_SUBSCRIBER 8222
public static final int COMMUNICATION_ERROR 10
public static final int DELETE_RESPONSE 8
public static final int DEVICE_NOT_RESPONDING 16
public static final int ECHO_MISMATCH 23
public static final int GENERIC_ERROR 15
public static final int GENERIC_SEND_ERROR 5
public static final int INVALID_PIN 4
public static final int IO_ERROR 17
public static final int LIST_MESSAGES_RESPONSE 19
public static final int NOT_INITIALISED 18
public static final int NOT_YET_IMPLEMENTED 9
public static final int PDU_DECODING_FAILED 20
public static final int PDU_ENCODING_FAILED 12
public static final int PIN_CHECK_RESPONSE 1
public static final int PIN_REQUIRED_BUT_NOT_SPECIFIED 21
public static final int PIN_SET_RESPONSE 2
public static final int READ_RESPONSE 7
public static final int SEND_INTERRUPTED 11
public static final int SET_ERROR_MODE_RESPONSE 13
public static final int SET_PDU_RESPONSE 3
public static final int SET_SERVICE_MODE_RESPONSE 14
public static final int SET_SMSC 6
public static final int SIGNAL_STRENTH_RESPONSE_INCORRECT 22

public static final int MAXIMUM_HEIGHT 14
public static final int MAXIMUM_WIDTH 72

public static final int MAXIMUM_HEIGHT 14
public static final int MAXIMUM_WIDTH 72

public static final java.lang.String GROUP_LOCAL "LOCAL"
public static final java.lang.String GROUP_MANUF "MANUF"
public static final java.lang.String GROUP_OPERATOR "OPER"
public static final java.lang.String GROUP_ROAMING "ROAM"
public static final java.lang.String GROUP_USER "USER"
public static final java.lang.String TYPE_LINKED "L"
public static final java.lang.String TYPE_NORMAL "N"
public static final java.lang.String TYPE_SELECTED "S"
public static final java.lang.String TYPE_VOLATILE "V"

public static final java.lang.String MCC "sms.MobileCountryCode"
public static final java.lang.String MNC "sms.MobileNetworkCode"

public static final int A 9
public static final int ASHARP 10
public static final int B 11
public static final int C 0
public static final int CSHARP 1
public static final int D 2
public static final int DSHARP 3
public static final int DURATION_BASE 0
public static final int DURATION_BREVE 0
public static final int DURATION_CROTCHET 3
public static final int DURATION_DEMISEMIQUAVER 6
public static final int DURATION_HEMIDEMISEMIQUAVER 7
public static final int DURATION_MINIM 2
public static final int DURATION_QUAVER 4
public static final int DURATION_SEMIBREVE 1
public static final int DURATION_SEMIQUAVER 5
public static final int E 4
public static final int F 5
public static final int FSHARP 6
public static final int G 7
public static final int GSHARP 8
public static final int MIDDLE_C 0
public static final int PAUSE 8388608
public static final int PITCH_MAX 35
public static final int PITCH_MIN -11
public static final int SPECIFIER_DOTTED 1
public static final int SPECIFIER_DOUBLE_DOTTED 2
public static final int SPECIFIER_NONE 0
public static final int SPECIFIER_TWO_THIRDS 3

public static final int STYLE_CONTINUOUS 1
public static final int STYLE_NORMAL 0
public static final int STYLE_STACCATO 2
public static final int TEMPO_FAST 31
public static final int TEMPO_SLOW 0
public static final int VOLUME_HIGH 15
public static final int VOLUME_LOW 0
public static final int VOLUME_MEDIUM 7

public static final int MAX_HEIGHT 28
public static final int MAX_WIDTH 72

public static final char CR 13
public static final char LF 10
public static final int PORT_COMPACT_BUSINESS_CARD 5501
public static final int PORT_DYNAMIC_MENU_CONTROL_PROTOCOL 5508
public static final int PORT_ICON_READER 5507
public static final int PORT_INTERNET_ACCESS_CONFIGURATION 5503
public static final int PORT_JAVA 5603
public static final int PORT_OPERATOR_LOGO 5506
public static final int PORT_PICTURE_MESSAGE 5514
public static final int PORT_RING_TONE 5505
public static final int PORT_SERVICE_CARD 5502
public static final int PORT_SIMPLE_EMAIL_NOTIFICATION 5512
public static final int PORT_TTML 5580
public static final int PORT_UP_BROWSER 8502
public static final int PORT_UP_LINK 8500
public static final int PORT_UP_MAIL 8501
public static final int PORT_VCALENDAR 228
public static final int PORT_VCARD 226
public static final int PORT_WINK 5601
public static final int TRANSFER_MODE_BINARY 2
public static final int TRANSFER_MODE_TEXT 1

public static final boolean useLocalTime false

public static final int BIND_MODE_RECEIVER 1
public static final int BIND_MODE_TRANSCEIVER 2
public static final int BIND_MODE_TRANSMITTER 0

public static final short GSM_ASCII_MESSAGE_LENGTH 160
public static final short GSM_DCS_7BIT 0
public static final short GSM_DCS_8BIT 244
public static final short GSM_DCS_SIM 246
public static final short GSM_ERR_NONE 0
public static final short GSM_ERR_P_CUG 15
public static final short GSM_ERR_P_PROVISION 11
public static final short GSM_ERR_P_UNKNOWN 1
public static final short GSM_ERR_T_ABSENT 29
public static final short GSM_ERR_T_ABSENT_DETACHED 30
public static final short GSM_ERR_T_ABSENT_PAGEFAIL 31
public static final short GSM_ERR_T_BARRED 13
public static final short GSM_ERR_T_MEMCAP 22
public static final short GSM_ERR_T_MSERROR 20
public static final short GSM_ERR_T_MSSUPPORT 19
public static final short GSM_ERR_T_SUPPORT 21
public static final short GSM_ERR_T_SUPPORT_ROAMING 32
public static final short GSM_ERR_T_SYSTEM 36
public static final short GSM_NPI_E164 1
public static final short GSM_NPI_ERMES 10
public static final short GSM_NPI_ISDN 1
public static final short GSM_NPI_NATIONAL 8
public static final short GSM_NPI_PRIVATE 9
public static final short GSM_NPI_RESERVED_EXTN 15
public static final short GSM_NPI_TELEX 4
public static final short GSM_NPI_UNKNOWN 0
public static final short GSM_NPI_X121 3
public static final short GSM_OCTET_MESSAGE_LENGTH 140
public static final short GSM_PID_ERMES 5
public static final short GSM_PID_NORMAL 0
public static final short GSM_PID_PAGING_SYSTEM 6
public static final short GSM_PID_TELEFAX3 2
public static final short GSM_PID_TELEFAX4 3
public static final short GSM_PID_TELEX 1
public static final short GSM_PID_UCI 13
public static final short GSM_PID_VIDEOTEX 7
public static final short GSM_PID_VOICE 4
public static final short GSM_PID_X400_MHS 17
public static final short GSM_TON_ABBREVIATED 6
public static final short GSM_TON_ALPHANUMERIC 5
public static final short GSM_TON_INTERNATIONAL 1
public static final short GSM_TON_NATIONAL 2
public static final short GSM_TON_NETWORK 3
public static final short GSM_TON_RESERVED_EXTN 7
public static final short GSM_TON_SUBSCRIBER 4
public static final short GSM_TON_UNKNOWN 0
public static final short MAXIMUM_MESSAGE_LENGTH 255
public static final short STATUS_ACCEPTED 6
public static final short STATUS_DELETED 4
public static final short STATUS_DELIVERED 2
public static final short STATUS_ENROUTE 1
public static final short STATUS_EXPIRED 3
public static final short STATUS_INVALID 7
public static final short STATUS_UNDELIVERABLE 5

public static final int SMPP_ACK_SEQUENCE 10016
public static final int SMPP_CONNECTION_CLOSED 10004
public static final int SMPP_GENERIC_NACK 10007
public static final int SMPP_INTERNAL 10000
public static final int SMPP_INTERRUPTED 10011
public static final int SMPP_INVALID_FIELD 10013
public static final int SMPP_INVALID_SEQUENCE 10006
public static final int SMPP_LINK_QUERY_LENGTH 10005
public static final int SMPP_LOCAL_CLOSE 10009
public static final int SMPP_MISSING_ARGUMENT 10014
public static final int SMPP_MUST_BIND_AS_RECEIVER 10012
public static final int SMPP_MUST_BIND_AS_TRANSMITTER 10003
public static final int SMPP_NO_DEFAULT_SMSC 10001
public static final int SMPP_NOT_BOUND 10002
public static final int SMPP_RALYBND 5
public static final int SMPP_RBINDFAIL 13
public static final int SMPP_RCNTADDCUST 25
public static final int SMPP_RCNTADDDL 38
public static final int SMPP_RCNTADDMEMBER 54
public static final int SMPP_RCNTCANMSG 17
public static final int SMPP_RCNTDELCUST 26
public static final int SMPP_RCNTDELDL 40
public static final int SMPP_RCNTDELMEMBER 55
public static final int SMPP_RCNTLISTDL 48
public static final int SMPP_RCNTMODCUST 27
public static final int SMPP_RCNTMODDL 39
public static final int SMPP_RCNTQRYCUST 28
public static final int SMPP_RCNTREPMSG 19
public static final int SMPP_RCNTRETRPARAM 49
public static final int SMPP_RCNTSUBDL 68
public static final int SMPP_RCNTVIEWDL 41
public static final int SMPP_RCUSTEXIST 35
public static final int SMPP_RCUSTNOTEXIST 36
public static final int SMPP_RDELIVERYFAILURE 254
public static final int SMPP_REMOTE_CLOSE 10010
public static final int SMPP_RESPONSE_MISSING 10008
public static final int SMPP_RINVADRLEN 34
public static final int SMPP_RINVBNDSTS 4
public static final int SMPP_RINVCAPCODELEN 140
public static final int SMPP_RINVCHANNELLEN 138
public static final int SMPP_RINVCITYLEN 130
public static final int SMPP_RINVCMDID 3
public static final int SMPP_RINVCMDLEN 2
public static final int SMPP_RINVCOVREGIONLEN 139
public static final int SMPP_RINVCUSTADRLEN 33
public static final int SMPP_RINVCUSTID 29
public static final int SMPP_RINVCUSTIDLEN 30
public static final int SMPP_RINVCUSTNAMLEN 31
public static final int SMPP_RINVDATFMT 18
public static final int SMPP_RINVDESCMEMBLEN 53
public static final int SMPP_RINVDESTFLAG 64
public static final int SMPP_RINVDLNAME 52
public static final int SMPP_RINVDSTADDRLEN 71
public static final int SMPP_RINVDSTADR 11
public static final int SMPP_RINVDSTNPI 81
public static final int SMPP_RINVDSTTON 80
public static final int SMPP_RINVESMCLASS 67
public static final int SMPP_RINVESMTYPE 82
public static final int SMPP_RINVEXPIRY 98
public static final int SMPP_RINVMDT 150
public static final int SMPP_RINVMDTLEN 141
public static final int SMPP_RINVMEMBERTYPE 56
public static final int SMPP_RINVMIDSER 23
public static final int SMPP_RINVMIN 135
public static final int SMPP_RINVMINLEN 134
public static final int SMPP_RINVMODOPT 57
public static final int SMPP_RINVMSGDIST 152
public static final int SMPP_RINVMSGDISTLEN 148
public static final int SMPP_RINVMSGID 12
public static final int SMPP_RINVMSGLEN 1
public static final int SMPP_RINVNUMDESTS 51
public static final int SMPP_RINVNUMMSGS 85
public static final int SMPP_RINVOPTPARAMVAL 196
public static final int SMPP_RINVOPTPARSTREAM 192
public static final int SMPP_RINVPAR 9
public static final int SMPP_RINVPARAMLEN 50
public static final int SMPP_RINVPARLEN 194
public static final int SMPP_RINVPASWD 14
public static final int SMPP_RINVPERMSG 151
public static final int SMPP_RINVPERMSGLEN 143
public static final int SMPP_RINVPGALERT 153
public static final int SMPP_RINVPGALERTLEN 144
public static final int SMPP_RINVPGCUSTID 128
public static final int SMPP_RINVPGCUSTIDLEN 129
public static final int SMPP_RINVPINLEN 136
public static final int SMPP_RINVPRIORMSG 149
public static final int SMPP_RINVPRIORMSGLEN 142
public static final int SMPP_RINVPRTFLG 6
public static final int SMPP_RINVREGDEL 156
public static final int SMPP_RINVREGDELLEN 147
public static final int SMPP_RINVREGDLVFLG 7
public static final int SMPP_RINVREPADDR 24
public static final int SMPP_RINVREPFLAG 84
public static final int SMPP_RINVRTDB 155
public static final int SMPP_RINVRTDBLEN 146
public static final int SMPP_RINVSCHED 97
public static final int SMPP_RINVSERTYP 21
public static final int SMPP_RINVSMUSER 154
public static final int SMPP_RINVSMUSERLEN 145
public static final int SMPP_RINVSRCADDRLEN 70
public static final int SMPP_RINVSRCADR 10
public static final int SMPP_RINVSRCNPI 73
public static final int SMPP_RINVSRCTON 72
public static final int SMPP_RINVSTATELEN 131
public static final int SMPP_RINVSUBREP 66
public static final int SMPP_RINVSYSIDSRV 15
public static final int SMPP_RINVSYSTYP 83
public static final int SMPP_RINVTERMCODELEN 137
public static final int SMPP_RINVZIPPOSTFIXLEN 133
public static final int SMPP_RINVZIPPREFIXLEN 132
public static final int SMPP_RLIMITEXCEED 86
public static final int SMPP_RMISSINGOPTPARAM 195
public static final int SMPP_RMSGQFUL 20
public static final int SMPP_ROK 0
public static final int SMPP_ROPTPARNOTALLWD 193
public static final int SMPP_RPREDEFMSGNOTFND 99
public static final int SMPP_RPROVNOTALLWD 89
public static final int SMPP_RQUERYFAIL 103
public static final int SMPP_RSERNOTSUP 22
public static final int SMPP_RSUBMITFAIL 69
public static final int SMPP_RSYSERR 8
public static final int SMPP_RTHROTTLEXCD 88
public static final int SMPP_RTXEXCEED 96
public static final int SMPP_RTXNOTALLOWD 87
public static final int SMPP_RUNKNOWNERR 255
public static final int SMPP_RX_P_APPN 101
public static final int SMPP_RX_R_APPN 102
public static final int SMPP_RX_T_APPN 100
public static final int SMPP_SMSC_NOT_RESPONDING 10015
public static final int SMPP_UNKNOWN_ACK 10017

public static final java.lang.String ERICSSON_IPX_RECEIPT_DECODING "ERICSSONIPX"
public static final java.lang.String SMPPESM "sms.smpp.EsmClass"
public static final java.lang.String SMPPSEQ "sms.smpp.SequenceNumber"
public static final java.lang.String SMPPSESSIONID "sms.smpp.SessionId"
public static final java.lang.String SUNDAYHK_RECEIPT_DECODING "SUNDAYHK"
public static final java.lang.String VFUK_RECEIPT_DECODING "VFUK"

public static final java.lang.String COMMAND_ID "sms.smpp.header.CommandId"
public static final java.lang.String COMMAND_STATUS "sms.smpp.header.CommandStatus"
public static final java.lang.String ESM "sms.smpp.EsmClass"
public static final java.lang.String REQUEST_BODY_PDU "sms.smpp.body.pdu"
public static final java.lang.String RESPONSE_BODY_PDU "sms.smpp.body.pdu"
public static final java.lang.String RESPONSE_COMMAND_ID "sms.smpp.header.ResponseCommandId"
public static final java.lang.String RESPONSE_COMMAND_STATUS "sms.smpp.header.ResponseCommandStatus"
public static final java.lang.String SEQUENCE_NUMBER "sms.smpp.header.SequenceNumber"
public static final java.lang.String SERVICE_TYPE "sms.smpp.ServiceType"
public static final java.lang.String SMS_DELIVER_PDU "sms.smpp.03.38.SmsDeliverPdu"
public static final java.lang.String SMS_SUBMIT_PDU "sms.smpp.03.38.SmsSubmitPdu"
public static final java.lang.String SMS_SUBMIT_TPUD "sms.smpp.03.38.SmsSubmitTpud"
public static final java.lang.String SUBMIT_LENGTH "sms.smpp.SubmitLength"
public static final java.lang.String TLV_PREFIX "sms.smpp.tlv."

public static final java.lang.String factoryPropertiesConfigurationName "SmppServerConnection"

public static final java.lang.String MESSAGE_CLASS_ATTRIBUTE_NAME "ie.ncl.sms.ucp.messageClass"
public static final java.lang.String NOTIFICATION_ADDRESS_NAME "ie.ncl.sms.ucp.notificationAddress"
public static final java.lang.String NOTIFICATION_PID_ATTRIBUTE_NAME "ie.ncl.sms.ucp.notificationPid"
public static final java.lang.String NOTIFICATION_TYPE_ATTRIBUTE_NAME "ie.ncl.sms.ucp.notificationType"

public static final java.lang.String BILLING_IDENTIFIER "ucp.billingIdentifier"
public static final java.lang.String XSERVICES "ucp.xservices"

public static final int DISPLAY_PERMISSION 2
public static final int EXECUTE_PERMISSION 4
public static final int PLAY_PERMISSION 1
public static final int PRINT_PERMISSION 3

public static final java.lang.String AUTHTYPE_CHAP "CHAP"
public static final java.lang.String AUTHTYPE_PAP "PAP"

public static final int SECURITY_METHOD_NETWPIN 0
public static final int SECURITY_METHOD_USERNETWPIN 2
public static final int SECURITY_METHOD_USERPIN 1
public static final int SECURITY_METHOD_USERPINMAC 3

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